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Nepal Standard Time
February 24, 2017, 11:49 AM
Foreign Exchange Rates
Currency Unit Buying/Rs. Selling/Rs.
 U.S. Dollar 1
 European Euro 1
 UK Pound Sterling 1
 Swiss Franc 1
 Australian Dollar 1
 Canadian Dollar 1
 Singapore Dollar 1
 Japanese Yen 10
 Chinese Yuan 1
 Saudi Arabian Riyal 1
 Qatari Riyal 1
 Thai Baht 1
 UAE Dirham 1
 Malaysian Ringgit 1
 South Korean Won 100
 Swedish Kroner 1 N/A
 Danish Kroner 1 N/A
 Hong Kong Dollar 1 N/A
 Kuwaity Dinar 1 N/A
 Bahrain Dinar 1 N/A
Note: Under the present system the open market exchange rates quoted by different banks may differ.
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